Accolades and Reviews

“Targan’s voice, sweet and gentle, is deeply affecting.” -San Jose Mercury News

“The Kate Targan band was recently a weekly fixture in an 8 week event series we had and they have definitely been missed. Not only do they have a sound that is appealing to everyone, they are so flexible to adjust their sound and style to fit any event as well as being incredibly flexible on where they play (stage vs. grass). Kate has an infectious voice and vibrant personality that makes you want to add her to your friend list. If you want pop, jazz, country, blues or anything in between, you would be crazy to pass up the Kate Targan band.” -Google, Tammy Samut, Director of Internal Events

“We love you Kate!”- WomenNowTV

“I have had Kate Targan perform at my club "Angelicas" over the past few
years on a regular basis. She is a wonderful vocalist and her
professionalism is top notch. I would recommend her for any kind of event,
you will not be disappointed!” -Peter Cuschieri, Owner Angelicas Redwood City

“Once or so a decade, a recording and performing artist—freely crossing genres, assured and original—enters the music world. One whose debut shows a stylistic reach, wondrous sense of intimacy and emotional intensity that somehow feels as unexpected and inevitable as the experience of falling in love. Singer-songwriter Kate Targan is such a music artist.” -Daniel Highet, Firesign Media